Reconstructive & Deformity correction surgery

Dr. Mofakkharul Bari
Associate Professor

Prof. Ilizarov was born in 14th June, 1921 and he passes away in 24th July 1992. prof. ilizarov has unlocked from within bone and previously hidden capacity to regenerate osseous tissues under appropriate conditions of distraction, stabilization and prevention of bone forming tissues. In 1951 he first described the principles of distraction osteogenesis. The remarkable expansion of clinical indications for ilizarov methods have proceeded since 1951 to date. Most of the fundamental ilizarov strategies were developed by the professor himself in kurgan. By the time western orthopaedic surgeons arrived in Kurgan, where prof. ilizarov spent his entire professional career, the facility has grown to become the world's largest orthopaedic centre with a full time professional staff comprising of more than 350 orthopaedic surgeons.
Ilizarov's method:
Ilizarov's original circular fixator consisted of solid rings with longitudinal connecting rods. In 1951, when he was assigned to work in Kurgan, young Dr. Ilizarov was responsible for treating a large number of 2nd world war victims who had sustained femoral fractures.
Advances in Italy, North America and Bangladesh:
In 1981 prof. Ilizarov invited a group of Italian orthopaedic surgeons to Kurgan to learn his method. The surgeons were amazed and impressed with ilizarov's results. North American orthopaedic surgeons were exposed to ilizarov's method through the Italians in the mid 80's in 25th Jan. 2009 ASAMI was formed with the help of eminent orthopaedic surgeons of Bangladesh. In 9th and 10th July 2009 we organized the 1st ASAMI international conference at Dhaka which was highlighted with the presence of Prof. V.I.Shevtsov of Kurgan, the successor of Ilizarov. In June 2010, the 16 members of ASAMI, Bangladesh attended the 6th Intl. Conference which was held in Cairo; on 18th June, Bangladesh became the member of international ASAMI. From 1st Dec. 2010, reconstruction and deformity correction unit as a subspecialty was formed in NITOR, Dhaka, by the decision of academic council which was held on 7th Nov. 2010. now the Ilizarov surgery is getting a strong foothold in Bangladesh.

Application of Ilizarov

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