Department of Social welfare

Staffs of the department are :

     Shahana Khatun
Hospital social service programmes:
Medical social work or hospital social service is the application of social work knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to the field of health and medicine. Hospital social service is a helping programmed which gear up to accomplish to meet patients needs. Hospital social service provides lot of tremendous service for the wellbeing of patients in following style:
1. To help the patients to get admission in hospital and provides important directions.
2. To help patients to adjust with hospital's environment.
3. To provide medicine, blood, cloths, crach, artificial organ, spectacles and other treatment materials to the poor and helpless patients.
4. To provides financial support and help to do required pathological test to the poor and helpless patients.
5. To provide/supply nutritious food to the poor and helpless patients.
6. To provide rehabilitation facilities to the a band oned and disdained child.
7. To assists the patients to come or lead a normal life who are passing horrible time because of diseases.
8. To give priority to provide treatment service and to get admission in organization which are run by social service department those who are old and disabled persons
9. To arrange recreational facilities for the patients those who are staying in hospital
10. To refer the patients to other hospital if necessary.
11. To counsel the patients about health awareness and primary treatment.
12. To console and provide mental support to the patient and his/her guardians in aspect of severe malasis and operation.
13. To arrange swan song for the deceased person who have no identity.
14. To provide financial support, travel rent who have got free from disease for to go his family.