Department of Transfusion Medicine

The Transfusion Medicine Department of NITOR has the following tasks:

1. Asst. Prof. Dr. Khairul Islam

Medical Technologist:
1. Abdul Hamid
2. Md. Hasem
3. Moniruzzaman
4. Syed Md. Khalid

Tasks: We do the Blood Grouping (ABO & Rh Type) of the patients coming to NITOR. Then we do the grouping, selection of the Donor and collection of the blood from the donor. Ultimately we supply the blood to the donor after the screening process of the donor's blood is done.

Cross matching is done between patients blood. Screening of the blood includes:
1. HBs Ag
2. HIV
3. HCV
4. MP

Staffs of Blood Bank

Work at Blood Banks

The test will be rechecked by the in charge of the department if any difficulties arise. If the blood collected is in store (freeze) for more than 10 days, then during supply time we do check the blood to see if there is any haemolysis present or not. Blood coming from outside like Red Crescent, Quantum, Sandhani, Badhon, Bangladesh Blood Bank, Famous Blood Bank are also rechecked by us.