The prime orthopaedic hospital in Bangladesh which was established by the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1972 has become pinnacle of excellence for the management of trauma and orthopaedic patients.


Now we consider ourselves very fortunate to inform you that this very hospital is going to be upgraded to 1000 beds soon. It will inaugurated by none other than, her excellence, prime minister of government of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, the deserving daughter of the father of the nation and mother of humanity on 18 October, 2018. This extension not only includes the bed capacity but also the improvement in infrastructure to cope the massive load of patients efficiently. All new 1850 has been approved and is under finance ministry's consideration. Eight super specialty has been created and a 20 bedded ICU will become available soon to deal the critically ill patients.


We hope that this extended and well equipped with state of the art infrastructure will fulfill the need for the upcoming years. And it all has been possible because of the leadership and vision of the honourable prime minister of government of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina