Academic Activities

Vast arrays of academic activities are performed at NITOR. The daily morning clinical conference, which is held form 8.00am to 9.00am is unique among all the Medical colleges and Medical Institutes in Bangladesh. First 45 minutes is spent for presentation of cases listed for operation on that day. This is like a medical board including all the senior and junior orthopaedic surgeons of NITOR and post graduate residents. The residents present the cases scheduled for operation for that day and audiences in the house listen to the unit plan. A brief but informative discussion is held on the case presented before the house and definitive operation plan is formulated and further follow-up schedule of the particular patient is planned. This endeavor is not only beneficial to the patient but also for the students as they can learn the management of cases. Rest 15 minutes is for discussing the activities of past 24 hours which includes the presentation of the total number of cases attending the emergency and casualty department and postoperative x-ray presentation.
From 9:00am to 10:00 am lecture by the professor and associate professors on a prescribed schedule so as to cover the entire syllabus of M.S. (Ortho) and D. Ortho course in 2 years time.
Clinical demonstrations are made in ward round which starts as soon as the morning session ends. Clinical demonstrations are also made in OPD and at class room; case of academic interest attending the OPD are discussed at 1.30pm. This session is taken by the assistant professor, consultants and registrars. This session also covers practical demonstration like x-ray, specimen, brace, orthosis and orthotics. An arrangement for Cadaver dissection is available almost throughout the year.
Every Wednesday morning is the Journal club meeting and Thursday clinical presentation of those cases requiring discussion and opinion by the specialists and whole house.
Presentation of research projects are done periodically. Visiting consultants are incorporated with the daily functions of the institute along with other consultants of the hospital.