Pink Unit I

Pink unit come into emergency in the year 2001 with the expansion of 4 units to 8 units. Prof. Siraj-ul-islam, ex Director of NITOR, was the first unit chief. This unit again was divided into Pink I and Pink II in August 2007, with further expansion of 8 units to the present 12 units. Prof. Siraj-ul-Islam continued to be the Unit Chief of Pink I, till his retirement in June 2008, when Prof. AKM Eshaque the next Director become the Unit Chief. After retirement of Prof. AKM Eshaque in Oct. 2008, Assoc. Prof. MM Bari became the Unit Chief of Pink unit 1, till April 2010, when Prof. Md. Iqbal Qavi became the Unit Chief of Pink I.
This Unit takes special interest in SIGN Interlocking nail and Arthroscopy.

Doctors of Pink unit I

Ward rounds

The doctors of the unit are:
Unit Chief Prof. Md. Iqbal Qavi
Dr. Md. Abdus Sabur (Asstt. Prof)
Dr. Aminul Haque Pathan (Reg
Dr. Humayun Kabir (C/A)

Pink Unit II

In the year 2004. 12 units separately started their activities in NITOR. On that time Blue – 2 was headed by Dr. M. M. Bari with empasis to do Ilizarov technique in addition to normal traumatology & orthopaedic management.
By the course of time, Dr. M. M. Bari was advised to take charge of pink unit 1 instead of Blue 2 with his entire team. Later on Pink 1 was replaced by Pink 2. The specialty of this unit is to perform procedures for correction of deformity and limb length discrepancy applying Ilizarov technique. In addition to this, a one day Ilizarov clinic is organized by this unit in conference room 1 on each Sunday. It began to run on 27th December, 2009. Dr. M. M. Bari & his dedicated team are engaged with all these activities. ASAMI, Bangladesh chapter was born on 25th January, 2009 by the healthy effort of this unit where the key personal is Dr. M. M. Bari.

Doctors of Pink unit II

Ward rounds

The Organogram
Unit Chief Associate Professor Dr. Md. Mofakhkharul Bari
Assistant Professors
          Dr. Mushiar Hossain Munshi
          Dr. Md. Wahidur Rahman
Asstt. Registrar Dr. Nazmul Huda Setu
Medical Officer Dr. Sayeed Hossain