Spine Surgery

Prof. Dr. Md. Shah Alam
Prof. Dr. Syed Shahidul Islam

Spine surgery started in the then RIHD since birth of this institute as many of oversease spinal /domestic senior orthopaedic surgeons used to do spinal surgery since long time though we had no separate spinal unit except a separate paraplegia ward. Very recently our institute has officially established a spinal unit headed by two Associate professors. Who have fellowship training in spinal surgery and the teams are supported by other members interested in spine surgery. Disectomy, spinal decompression, spinal stabilization by pedicle screw-rod/pedicle screw, Steffee plate, anterior spinal surgery (corpectomy), kypoplasty etc. are now done regularly and outcome is increasing gradually. To enhance the activities of spine unit we planned to start "BACK PAIN CLINIC" in NITOR very soon. We have a society of spine with good number of enthusiastic spinal surgeons and who are regularly performing scientific seminars to upgrade this spine care in this institute.

Dr. Md. Shah Alam
MBBS, MS (Ortho), FCPS (Surgery),
FRCS (Ortho)  Professor,
NITOR, Dhaka.

Treatment of spinal disorders started as with the treatment of other ailments from known earliest human history. Hippocrates (440-370 BC) is considered as Father of Spinal Surgery. Paul of Aegina (625 - 690 BC) is the originator of laminectomy. Victor Horsley removed spinal cord tumour in 1887. Fetor Krause successfully removed disc in 1909. Paul Randall Harrington (1911 - 1980) developed spinal instrumentation between 1950-60. Dr. Ralph B Cloward is the originator of posterior lumber interbody fusion. Prof. R Roy Camille is the Father of European Spinal Stabilization Procedures. He was the first to do operation with pedicle screws and plates. In Bangladesh other than orthopaedic surgeon Prof. Rashid Uddin Prof.Ashanullah, Prof. Ata Elahi started spine surgery. Prof. R. J. Garst, Father of Orthopaedic Surgery in Bangladesh started decompression and fusion of Tubercular spines the than RHID. Prof. Shamsuddin Ahmed, Prof. Iman Uddin. Prof. AFM Ruhul Haque, Prof. Abdus Samad Sk. Started spine surgery though they were orthopaedic surgeon. Prof. T. Holt (USA) introduced the modern instrumentation in spinal surgery in Bangladesh. Dr.M. Idris Ali popularized spinal surgery. In NITOR Prof. Sk. Nurul Alam, Prof. Kh. Abdul Awal (Rizvi), Prof. Amj'ad Hossain, Prof. R.R. Kairy, Prof. Shahiduzzaman, Prof. MA Samad, Prof. Sazzad Hossain, Dr. Sk. Abbas Uddin performed many spines surgery. Recently in NITOR speciality services started. I am Dr.Md.Shah Alam, Associate Professor in charge of Spine unit I and Dr. Dr.Syed Shahidul Islam, Dr. Md. Rezaul Karim, Dr.Uttam Kumar Roy & Dr.Sayeed Hossain working together to develop spine surgery in NITOR. In this context we will always remember Prof. Ayjaj Ahamed Khan and Dr. MA Awal for their devotion.

Doctors of Spine Unit

Spinal surgery