Yellow Unit I

One of the oldest and busy unit of NITOR, started functioning since the beginning of NITOR as the directors unit till 2000. since 2001 Prof. R R Kairy is in charge of this unit. Although this unit is designated as hand surgery unit the doctors of this unit is also proficient in all sorts of general orthopaedic, pediatric orthopaedic surgery, spine, tumor surgery, interlocking nail, illizerov and flap reconstruction of limbs. This unit runs a separate hand OT and Hand Clinic.

Doctors of I Unit I

The doctors of the unit are:
Professor Prof. R R Kairy
Assistant professor Dr. Md. Jahangir Alam
Assistant Registrar Dr. Sudhangsu Kumar Singh
Medical Officer Dr. Purnendu Biswas

Yellow Unit II

Yellow unit is one of the oldest unit of NITOR. It was headed by some renowned orthopaedic surgeons of Bangladesh, including Prof. A.F.M. Ruhal Haque, Honourable Minister, Health and Family Welfare. The government of People's Republic of Bangladesh, Prof. Abdus Samad Sheikh, Prof. A.K.M. Eshaque, Prof. M.A. Hannan. In August 2002, Prof. RR Kairy took charge of yellow unit. Which was ther known as hand surgery unit. In 2007, there was a charge from 9 units to 12 units, and hence yellow unit was subdivided into yellow unit I and yellow unit II. Prof. RR Kairy has been continuing as the unit chief of both yellow unit I and II.
Yellow unit II has a vital role in both patient care and academic activities. In addition to traumatic and orthopaedic problems, reconstructive surgeries are being regularly performed in yellow unit – II. The future plan of this unit includes research activity and quality service in wider spectrum involving arthroplasty as well as spine surgery, under the leadership of Prof. R.R. Kairy, the Academic Director of NIOTR.

Doctors of Yellow Unit II

The doctors of the unit are:
Unit chief Professor R.R. Kairy
Assistant Professors
          Dr. S.M. Amir Hossain
          Dr. ABMG Faruque
Junior Consultant Dr. Mohabbatullah
Asstt. Registrar Dr. Chitta Ranjan Roy
Medical Officer Dr. A.H.M. Tanvir Hasan Siddiquee